Pre Birthday

A pre-birthday shoot, often referred to as a birthday shoot, is a photo shoot that usually takes place two to one month before the birthday day. Although pre-birthday shoots have become a necessity for most, many parents are debating whether or not pre-birthday shoots should take place. Some parents think it is a waste of money and there is no use. Well, in that case, they may be wrong.

Rs.5000/- Rs. 2999/-

Terms & Conditions

1-The payment you are charged is the photography fee.
2-Visiting fees are mandatory.
3-Please collect a receipt for each visit fee
4-After the payment of the work is fixed, no exemption will be given in any form of payment.
5-If the service provider decides to work then the visit fee will not be charged.
6-Recomplants of service will be implemented within 7 days-
7-visit related to all services can end in 3-4 working days
8-If there are any differences between the customer and the service provider, it will be
  the responsibility of the customer and the provider, the company will not take responsibility for any differences.
9-All legal proceedings are subject to the jurisdiction of the Agra Court.